Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze


Feelings: Energetic, Talkative, Giggly

Negatives: Dry mouth, Paranoid and Dizzy

Helps with: Stress, Depression and Anxiety

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Lemon Haze is an extremely popular sativa that derives both its potency and powerful aroma from two prestigious parents: a cross between the sativa hybrid Silver Haze and the pungent Lemon Skunk. With an unforgettable citrus flavor profile and a long-lasting, balanced high, this bud is a must-have for both indica and sativa fans.

Appearance and Flavor of Lemon Haze Strain

Flowers of Lemon Haze captivates with its expressive shape and texture. These buds are medium to large in size and cluster into roughly spherical pieces. Although the leaves are densely packed, they look slightly jagged and fluffy.These fluffy leaves are moss green in color and interspersed with bright orange pistils. Amber trichomes coat these buds, giving them a slightly yellow tinge and are responsible for their high psychoactivity.

Effects Of this marijuana strain

Lemon Haze is said to induce a cooling high that can take several minutes to fully take effect. Smokers may initially notice a change in their perception of external stimuli, and certain sounds or images take on a new psychedelic dimension. This sensory distortion is accompanied by a sudden mood boost as all stressors interfere with the positive effects of this pimple.Increased brain activity can lead to stimulating conversations; This variety can inspire creativity even for those who are inclined. In addition to these uplifting effects, Lemon Haze generally provides the motivation needed to get up and do chores like cleaning the house or running errands.


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